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Articles and other content on this site are embargoed for release until the first day of the month of publication at 12:01 A.M. ET, unless otherwise noted in a press release.

For Psychiatric News, articles are embargoed until release on our website at psychnews.psychiatryonline.org.

Please respect all embargo periods.

Journalists and other media representatives should contact the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Office of Communications and Public Affairs at press@psych.org or 1-703-907-7862 for advance copies of embargoed articles or with questions about an article. For other press-related inquiries, visit APA's News Room.

Here are some recent releases regarding articles appearing in these journals (PDFs):

Evidence-Based Package of Strategies Reduces Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Psychiatric Inpatient Settings 

Research Shows Some Progress on Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Care

E-Mental Health Use Expanding, Showing Promise

Commonly Used Depression Questionnaire Can Help Identify Suicide Risk 

Wide Variation and Disparity in Medication Treatment for ADHD

New Research on What Recovery from Serious Mental Illness Means to Individuals

Ketamine's Rapid Antidepressant Effect Validated in Large Controlled Study

Improving Fitness and Health Among People with Serious Mental Illness

Infant Growth Unaffected by Prenatal Exposure to Antidepressants or Maternal Depression

Collaborative Care for Depression Among Underserved Racial-Ethnic Groups

New Approach to Schizophrenia Prevention

Research on Strategies to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination

Children More Likely to Stay in Treatment when Parents Perceive Benefits

New Study Examines Depiction of People with Schizophrenia in Movies

Scale Assessing Suicidal Ideation Saves Lives and Healthcare Resources Through High Predictive Validity and Use of Common Language

The American Journal of Psychiatry Once Again Sees Boost in Impact Factor to 12.759, Remains Tops in Total Citations

American Psychiatric Association Names Rebecca Rinehart as APP Publisher

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