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Christopher W. Bartlett, Ph.D.; Liping Hou, Ph.D.; Judy F. Flax, Ph.D.; Abby Hare, B.S.; Soo Yeon Cheong, Ph.D.; Zena Fermano, M.A.; Barbie Zimmerman-Bier, M.D.; Charles Cartwright, M.D.; Marco A. Azaro, Ph.D.; Steven Buyske, Ph.D.; Linda M. Brzustowicz, M.D.
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Aazaz U. Haq, M.D.; Neera Ghaziuddin, M.D.
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Lucy A. Bilaver, Ph.D.; Neil Jordan, Ph.D.
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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition> Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Med Check | January 10, 2014
Med Check
Professional News | January 18, 2013
DSM-5 Provides New Take on Neurodevelopment Disorders
Professional News | December 21, 2012
APA Board Approves DSM-5; Release Scheduled for May 2013