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Jill M. Williams, M.D.; Theresa Miskimen, M.D.; Shula Minsky, Ph.D.; Nina A. Cooperman, Psy.D.; Michelle Miller, M.S.N.; Patricia Dooley Budsock, M.A.; Jose Cruz, M.B.A., L.C.S.W.; Marc L. Steinberg, Ph.D.
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Jed E. Rose, Ph.D.; Frédérique M. Behm, C.R.A.
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Otto Kausch, M.D.
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Government News | May 29, 2014
FDA Proposes Rule to Regulate E-Cigarettes
Professional News | February 4, 2014
Smoking Cessation for Patients Called an Urgent Priority
Professional News | January 30, 2014
Decline in Smoking Lags Among Patients With Mental Illness